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Advertised firmness = actual firmness - Mattress Myths #2

MAR. 14, 2020

My firm is likely different to yours and one manufacturer may grade firmness differently. Does firmness do anything for me, really?


Cooling mattresses = a cooler sleep - Mattress Myths #4

MAR. 18, 2020

I get really hot in summer and I can't sleep. Which is the best cooling method for me?


Discounted mattresses = a good deal - Mattress Myths #5

MAR. 20, 2020

You need to wait for 40% or more off a mattress before you buy it to know you are getting the best value.


Is snoring serious or just annoying?

MAR, 28, 2020


Longer warranty = better mattress - Mattress Myths #6

MAR. 23, 2023

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Mattress Cost = Mattress Comfort - Mattress Myths #1

MAR. 12, 2020

Is it reasonable to expect a more expensive mattress to be more comfortable?


More springs = a better night's sleep - Mattress Myths #3

MAR. 15, 2020

More springs MUST be better, right? They are more expensive so that confirms it, right? .