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Why Shop the BFO way?

It is not a crime to not be rich or refuse to finance lifestyle.

Check out what we have, if we have exactly what you are looking for you have hit the jackpot, if we have something close, you just need to decide if getting the exact match is worth the extra $ you'll need to cover. A lot of our stock is very limited in quantity, sometimes 1 of, so once it is gone, that's it. It is a very different way of shopping but the savings can be amazing. 

Cheaper and better quality than our competitors BUT with limited choices.


At BFO, we source quality, solid timber furniture that looks a million dollars, quality innerspring lounges for comfort and durability and mattresses with the features that actually promote better sleep and we sell them at Gumtree prices.

In fact, we actually sell on Gumtree our prices are so low. 

Then we source the big brand stuff the big guys didn't sell from the manufacturer or importer and we sell it. We don't add the costs of advertising, or sales commissions, huge lighting and cooling bills which means our prices are typically 40% to 50% cheaper, every day. 

Sometimes, when the god of bargains smiles on us, we get to sell floor stock, and WOW if you don't mind a bump or a scratch, the prices can be INCREDIBLE.


Check out our Collections tabs for our regular offerings and the Specials tab for the transient super deals. Find your local store and pop in and be surprised but be aware, we don't do finance, layby, afterpay, we don't hold stock or take deposits, just cash or card, but I truly doubt you will match our value for money.

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